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101 Really Good Ideas for You and Your Law Practice

By The Editors

Disney has 101 Dalmatians. California has that long and snakey Highway 101. Club 101 is arguably the hottest nightclub in El Paso, Texas. And today, Attorney at Work has “101 Really Good Ideas for You and Your Law Practice” in a special download!

Why? Because sharing really good ideas is what we are all about. After all, don’t we bring you one every single morning of the work week? (If you don’t already know that the answer is “yes,” better scamper over and sign up now to get your Daily Dispatch.) Why 101 ideas … today? Because we can. And because it’s a nifty way to deliver some solid information with a ton of powerful links to even more ideas.

101 really good ideasSo go ahead and download the bonus guide (it’s free) and get some good ideas for creating a law practice—and a life—that you can love.

What Does a Person Do with 101 Really Good Ideas?

It does seem like a lot, doesn’t it? So, heck, we’ll throw in a few more: Ideas for ways you can approach the 101 ideas.

  • Be spontaneous. Print out the download, cut it up into 101 idea-containing strips, fold each and drop them all into a hat just inside your office door. Pick one at random and apply it whenever things get rough—or boring.
  • Be selective. Not every idea is a good idea for you. Try some on, see if they fit and if not, move on!
  • Be comprehensiveStart with number one and march through to 101. Toss the ones you don’t need and work the ones you do need until they shine. But be careful. Pace yourself!
  • Be extraordinary. After all, a new president’s success is measured by the first 100 days. We’ve given you enough tips and tricks to get you through the 101st looking like a winner! Maybe it’s time to make a little history?
  • Be collaborative. Share the download with all of the members of your firm or practice group. Ask each person to bring their favorite to your next meeting for discussion. You’ll be amazed how many more good ideas are born that way.
  • Be generous. Everyone can benefit from a refreshing new idea now and then. Share an idea or two with your colleagues and friends. There’s even stuff in here you’ll want to share with a client. You could just copy and paste the link to the download into an email and send it to … well, anyone you like.

Even though we’re bragging about having 101 really good ideas for you, we certainly don’t claim to have a corner on the market. In fact, most of the really good ideas are going to be your own. So download the guide, make good use of it and build up that corpus callosum muscle. And please send a note to let us know about your 102!

Categories: Business Development
Originally published May 7, 2022
Last updated June 9, 2022
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