Should Lawyers Care About Klout Scores?

Attorney at Work has been after me for a post about Klout. Try as I might, the drafts are snarky. I simply can't get past my mantra: Until Klout replaces my credit score, I pay it little attention. I say "little attention" because rarely a day goes by where I don't see a tweet along the the lines of "I just gave so-and-so +K in fill-in-the-blank" or "I just received +K for fill-in-the-blank." As if on autopilot, I click on my profile in HootSuite so my eyes can take in my current Klout score. At one point, I experimented and added my LinkedIn profile and Google+ profile. My score went up. Fascinating. For all of 30 seconds. Still hasn't replaced my credit score, thus requires little attention. Oh. Wait. Perhaps I should backup for a second and explain Klout so you can better judge its uselessness ... er ... usefulness ... draw your own conclusions.

Originally published May 14, 2012
Last updated May 11, 2020
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