Can an Online Lawyer Network Bring You Business?

To some lawyers, the phrase “legal services industry” is a series of bad words. Out with the collegial profession, in with commoditizing legal “products.” But that's a very shortsighted view. The emergence of the legal services industry is not only a result of market demands and advancements in technology. Technology expands the ways you can practice law (or “deliver legal services”) to the benefit of clients and lawyers. It also creates new marketing and business development opportunities. Options for Building Your Client Base Joining a lawyer network website is one of many methods now available to lawyers to build up their client bases, by enabling online outreach and communication to potential clients they would not otherwise have been able to reach. These sites come in different shapes and sizes, offering a wide variety of optional services. But in general, their primary goal is to help lawyers develop new business through immediate access to potential clients. Here's a roundup of lawyer network sites at the end of 2012. ... READ MORE

Originally published December 17, 2012
Last updated June 1, 2020
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