They Had Relations: Five Tips for Better Client Communications

Other people talk about the classic maxim that people should "know, like and trust" you—or something like that—and that gets you business. I’ve heard it attributed to Dale Carnegie and it must appear in some business book somewhere. I’ll be honest, though: I have no idea where it comes from. I don’t think I’ve ever read an entire business book in my life—unless you count as being "about" the business and science of whaling. That’s probably exactly how it works, though: People have to get to know you before they like you; and they’ve got to like you before they can grow to trust you. But this is true of any of the relationships you’ll have, business or otherwise. Now, as a lawyer, your most important business relationships are those you maintain with your clients. But do you really maintain those? Do your clients know, like and trust you?

Originally published April 25, 2013
Last updated February 13, 2020
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