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Five Must-Know Password Protection Tips

No doubt, at this moment, armies of hackers are dreaming up diabolical new ways to cash in on our identities, crash our sites and disrupt our favorite pastimes. ("Smishing!") But really, the biggest threat to your online security is ... you. Yes, you, with the "1234" passcode for your iPad and Post-it covered monitor. You, with the cleverly disguised "Vital p-word information" emails-to-self. You, who absent-mindedly clicked the email link from your bank's "Costumer Service." So Let's Get a Little Smarter with Passwords. Since we're stuck with passwords (for now), might as well attempt outsmarting the bogeymen. So what's the best way to deal with passwords — and remember them all? We asked digital forensics and information security experts Sharon Nelson and John Simek to dispense some commonsense advice to help reduce our online security risk. READ MORE

Originally published May 9, 2014
Last updated May 11, 2020
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