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Wearable Technology: Who’s Ready?

Anyone who's seen movies like "The Terminator," "Minority Report," "Ironman" and beyond has seen the marriage of technology and fashion. There’s a giant laundry list of wearable gadgets that grace the silver screen. Only now, wearable technology is becoming part of everyday reality. But are we ready to adopt? In general, the promise of wearable technology is huge. Smartwatches, health monitors, security devices, media gadgets and high-tech eyewear are popping up everywhere. Hundreds of other wearable concepts, including remote control eyelashes, are on their way, too. But to catapult wearable technology into widespread use, items need to combine function with fashion at an affordable price point. ... READ MORE

Originally published May 12, 2014
Last updated October 21, 2019
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