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Are Law Firm Homepages Really Dead? (And If So, So What?)

Apparently the jury’s out on whether traffic to your website's homepage is declining. My own analysis shows law firm homepage traffic has been relatively unchanged over the past two years, though law firm website strategist Robert Algeri says his clients have experienced a 17 percent decline, and well-known legal blogger Kevin O'Keefe says homepages, as the "foyer" to firm websites, are in demise. I don’t dispute Algeri’s numbers. We were measuring different things in our analyses. Algeri was intent on capturing the number of people arriving to a site via its homepage, while I really didn’t care how they arrived. If homepages were truly “dying,” I reasoned that it didn’t matter whether the homepage was the 1st, 2nd or 10th page viewed. Instead, I looked at total homepage visits versus the rest of the website. But, ignoring the numbers for a moment, let’s ask the more important question: “So what?” ... READ THE REST

Originally published July 7, 2014
Last updated April 13, 2018
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