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Is Paternity Leave for Lawyers an Oxymoron?

Recently I attended the Dad 2.0 Summit, a conference for men who blog about fatherhood. I didn’t realize there was such a strong community among dad bloggers. They are active parents and exceptionally genuine about their triumphs and tribulations related to being dads. (I was on hand to field legal questions related to blogging and copyright, trademark, and disclosing when you get free products.) One panel at the conference discussed what employers are doing to support men who want to be involved fathers. In the U.S., it’s often seen as a badge of honor to eschew time off following an illness, injury, or the birth of a child. If an employee takes paternity leave, it puts him at risk of landing on the “daddy track” where he’ll likely be overlooked for promotions. A recent study by the Boston College Center for Work and Family found that 96 percent of men took off two weeks or less following the birth of a child. However, it appears that more companies are offering paternity leave and more people feel comfortable taking it. What do working lawyers have to say? READ THE REST

Originally published March 9, 2015
Last updated August 31, 2020
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