lean law practice in the cloud

Five Tips for Running a Lean Law Practice

We’ve all seen how technology can help level the playing field, allowing smaller firms and solos to compete with larger rivals, and scale quickly to meet clients' needs. That’s good news for small firms and clients alike. But just because a firm is small doesn’t make it lean — or mighty. Too many lawyers stick with the old ways of doing things simply because it’s familiar. Here are tips for running a lean law practice, rethinking how you can provide the most value to your clients, in the most productive way. 1. Focus on the practice of law — not on IT. Of course, you’re focused on providing counsel and service, not on IT. But the trap many "would-be" lean lawyers fall into is overthinking the role technology should play in their practice. ... READ THE REST

Originally published March 24, 2015
Last updated October 21, 2019
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