You’re a Service, Not a Product: Act the Part and Market Right

Apple does something amazing. Of course, they do a lot of amazing things as they weave their technology into our personal and professional DNA, but they've nailed one thing for sure: the services side of their products. Just walk into an Apple Store and you’ll see how they’ve taken a product and made it so much more. Although they’re simply selling you beautiful gadgets, they’ve done a masterful job of transforming a product purchase into an experience that builds a relationship around their products and other things they do so well — the services and experience. Why? Because they know that a customer-oriented, service-driven culture is what turns a product buyer into a lifelong brand advocate. ... READ THE REST

Originally published April 14, 2015
Last updated February 11, 2018
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Decision Making

Choosing to Choose Well

Have you ever left a phone charger behind in a hotel room even though you carefully looked before checking out? Returned from grocery shopping only to remember you forgot the milk? Operated on someone, sewed them up, and then realized you left a sponge inside? (Oops, wrong profession.) Given a closing argument without having introduced a key piece of evidence? When this kind of thing happens in the context of an important decision, you may pay a stiff penalty. And forgetfulness is just one of many glitches that get in the way of good choices. ... READ THE REST

Originally published April 14, 2015
Last updated October 21, 2019
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