Revolutionize Your Small Law Firm with Smokeball Activity Intelligence

How do you know if you’re really busy or just doing busywork? Becoming more productive and profitable is next to impossible if you don’t understand how your team is truly spending its time and allocating its energy. Your law firm needs real, actionable data and business intelligence to make smart decisions and maximize efficiencies. Meet […]

Originally published April 25, 2016
Last updated February 11, 2018
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The Power of Facts in Marketing

Let’s say you just found out you have a rare illness. Suddenly, you are in the market for a specialty physician. You do some research, get some names and make an appointment with one or two doctors. What kind of conversation would you have? My guess is you would ask questions like: “Have you treated this illness before? How many times? What kinds of protocols or treatments have you used? What have been the outcomes? What can I expect?”

Originally published April 25, 2016
Last updated April 24, 2018
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