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Family Law Attorney's Guide to Practice Management Software

Your Free Guide to Practice Management Software for Family Law Attorneys

Life as a family law attorney is a pretty full docket. With high caseloads, too many calls to return, and yet another post on your favorite legal blog telling you everything you’re doing wrong in your practice, trying to keep up with everything can quickly drain you of your energy and motivation. The good news is that whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned family law attorney who is looking for a better, more efficient way to run your practice, streamlining your operations with legal practice management software can improve how you manage your firm and grow your business.

Originally published September 29, 2016
Last updated March 30, 2018
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Will Law Firm Data Be Any Safer in 2026?

Will our data be any safer in 2026? That was the question I was asked to answer at the College of Law Practice Management’s 2016 Futures Conference. As part of a great legal technology panel, my answer was quick and decisive: No, it will not be.

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