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Three KPI’s Every Small Law Firm Should Know

Three KPI’s every small law firm should know. Running a small law firm is not easy. Not only do you zealously represent your clients, but you must also run a business. What are you looking at to make sure your business is performing profitably and as efficiently as possible? Do you have insights into your […]

Originally published October 31, 2017
Last updated July 19, 2021
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Relationships 3.0: The Idea Relationship Era

Despite widespread recognition that the legal services business is undergoing the greatest change in its history, the industry still clings to a definition of relationships that doesn’t map to today’s reality. Different times and circumstances, as they say, call for different skills and approaches. This includes our worldview of relationships. It’s time for us to invest in “idea relationships” and rethink our personal and professional ones. In an age in which information flows freely and everyone expects answers at the stroke of a keyboard (or voice command), idea relationships succeed because your relevance is initially determined by what you know, not who you know.

Originally published October 31, 2017
Last updated December 14, 2017
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