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The Profitable Benefits of Legal Project Management

Legal Project Management (LPM). It’s a buzzword you hear a lot in the legal industry as the “next big thing.” In fact, managing a matter as a lawyer is as old as the profession itself. What’s different now are the tools available to manage your matter more efficiently and even achieve higher profits. Properly planning […]

Originally published May 4, 2018
Last updated July 30, 2018
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Tech Tips to Improve Your Client Communications Strategy

Margaret Atwood, the author of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” has frequently noted that with all technology, there is a good side, a bad side and a stupid side that you weren’t expecting. With major advances in technology, like the internet itself, it is easy to think of examples of all three. Of course, since digital communication tools permeate the world and the workplace today, it’s almost unavoidable that lawyers’ business communications with clients are largely done via technology. So it is a useful oversimplification to state that law firms should design an overall client communications strategy of minimizing the bad, enhancing the good and avoiding the stupid. This requires thoughtful planning that must be done expeditiously and reviewed regularly because technology will continue to evolve.

Originally published May 4, 2018
Last updated September 18, 2020
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