marketing your practice

Marketing Your Practice: The Courage to Make Rain

Teddy Snyder | Ralph Waldo Emerson has the answer.

April 25, 2022 0 1
word most often used incorrectly

It’s the Word Most Often Used Incorrectly

Its or it’s? Its, it’s the word that trips up many writers, the word that doesn’t follow the rules. The problem is the apostrophe. Apostrophes are most often used two ways: in a contraction or to show possession. Some names have apostrophes, too.

Originally published April 25, 2022
Last updated June 28, 2023
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best tech podcasts

Lawyer Tech Tips: Favorite Podcasts for Learning Something New?

What's your favorite tech or business podcast, and why? Here are top picks from Sheila Blackford, Anne Haag, Jay Harrington, Gina Rubel, Ben Schorr, Camille Stell and Reid Trautz.

Originally published April 25, 2022
Last updated August 24, 2022
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