law firm marketing strategies

Taking Control of Lawyer Business Development: Time Management Tips for Busy Lawyers

Law firm marketing strategies: Time Management Tips for Busy Lawyers. You have at least three phone numbers (home, office, and cell), at least two email addresses (work and personal), and at least two social media accounts (Facebook and LinkedIn). You can be texted, tweeted, emailed, snail-mailed, and even faxed. If people want to reach you, […]

Originally published June 23, 2022
Last updated September 7, 2022
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lawyer texting

Ethics Reminders for Lawyers Texting Clients

Mark C. Palmer | Q: "Now that I’ve opened the floodgates by giving my cell number to clients, what ethics pitfalls might come from texting clients?"

Originally published June 23, 2022
Last updated July 17, 2022
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Searing Lessons From a State Bar Complaint: A Lawyer’s Story

An ethics sanction is not a professional death sentence. Not if you don't let it become one.

June 23, 2022 0 0

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