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tech tools

Five Tech Tools Every Lawyer Should Be Using

Take inventory of your practice to see where you can make the biggest improvements. Here are 5 tech tools to get you started. Whether you’ve been practicing for one year or 25 years, you’ve likely come across an array of emerging tech tools and services designed to help you improve your law practice. As the […]

Originally published February 12, 2023
Last updated June 19, 2023
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lawyer billing

Flat Fee or Hourly? Pros and Cons of Lawyer Billing Options

I’ve been practicing law for nearly seven years, both as a solo and with a firm. During this time, I’ve tried different billing arrangements with varying degrees of success and learned plenty of lessons (often about what not to do). Here is my take on the pros and cons of various billing options I've used.

Originally published February 12, 2023
Last updated July 28, 2023
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stoic workplace

Be a Stoic to Win in the Workplace

Many contemporary business success stories are rooted in Stoic practices and philosophy.

Originally published February 12, 2023
Last updated June 21, 2023
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