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Blog to Establish Your Expertise and Build Referral Networks

By | Apr.27.15 | 1 Comment

New Associates

It’s difficult to see the connection between starting a blog, which is essentially dropping your words into a space on the Internet, and actually increasing the amount of business coming your way. Much hay has been made about search engine optimization, but all blogging comes down to is sharing your life online in a way that the public can appreciate. Translating this into business is as simple as being yourself. … READ THE REST

Friday Five+ Tech Tips

Experts Dish Up ABA TECHSHOW Tips & Take-aways

By | Apr.24.15 | 0 Comments

Tech Tips Friday Five

Not everyone could make it to ABA TECHSHOW 2015 last week. So, for this edition of Friday Five+ Tech Tips, we asked law practice technology experts who were on-site — and at the podium — to share a mix of hot tips and take-ways from the annual conference. With an overwhelming number of educational sessions and more than 100 vendors in the expo hall, we’re glad these experts were on the scene to cover the bases. … READ THE REST

Play to Win

Expand Your Universe of Contacts

By | Apr.23.15 | 1 Comment

Play to Win

There are a lot of theories about what it takes to bring in business. One I always like to mention to lawyers is that it takes 10 to 15 good contacts to produce one client. Why so many? Because most of your contacts will not turn into clients.

Within your network or universe of contacts, only so many people are prospects — people who need or will need your services. Many folks you know will never need a lawyer. Most of those who do, or will, already have existing counsel who can be difficult to unseat. …

Email Management, Part 1

Most Dangerous Outlook Features for Lawyers

By | Apr.22.15 | 0 Comments

Outlook Email

Of all the Microsoft Office applications in law offices, Outlook is hands-down the most frequently used. After all, who doesn’t need to handle email every day? But lurking in the shadows of your email routine are dangerous Outlook features that could jeopardize your law practice.

Here are two that trip up even seasoned Outlook users.

Auto-Complete. You probably use the Auto-Complete feature every day, and take it totally for granted. … READ THE REST


Fly Like an Eagle: Manage Your Law Firm Like Frey and Henley

By | Apr.21.15 | 4 Comments


The Eagles are one of the best-selling bands of all time. “Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)” is the third best-selling album of all time. The Eagles also kind of suck. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Disco Strangler” or “James Dean.” Now, granted, some of the Eagles’ songs are downright fantastic, like “Already Gone” and “Take It Easy,” though those are the exceptions, and not the rules. But if the Eagles suck, how did they achieve such staggering monetary success? … None of the Eagles’ success occurred by accident. The primary reason the Eagles made so much money is because they set out to make it, and the band was run accordingly: like a business. … READ THE REST


Online Reviews: Begin (But Don’t End) With Service

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Optimize Online Marketing for Attorneys

Last week at ABA TECHSHOW in Chicago, Allison Shields and I chatted with lawyers about shaping their online narratives.

By now, you should understand that online reviews are part of the new word of mouth. You should also recognize that the foundation for word-of-mouth referrals is earning a reputation for providing excellent service to clients. However, while providing clients with excellent service is essential, it’s not always, by itself, sufficient.

Here are a few ideas to help you translate your offline reputation for excellence to the web. …