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Four Steps to Surviving the New Normal

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survive new normal

It gets to be a bit much, all the chatter about the legal profession changing at the speed of light. Even if it is transforming into something quite great — I know, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t — it seems nearly impossible to figure out what to do about it in your own law practice. Particularly if you can hardly keep your head above water with the old normal practice of law.

Come Prepared to Compete. Let’s cut to the chase and identify what you ought to be doing now if you want your business of law to be thriving in 10 years, or five, or even one year from now. Here’s your to-do list. … READ THE REST

Friday Five Profitability Tips

Five Checklists to Make Your Law Practice More Efficient

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Profitability Friday Five

Processes are the means by which we get things done, and checklists can keep us on top of what needs to get done. That’s why pilots, surgeons and astronauts use checklists extensively. They help eliminate the fear of forgetting something important.

When you set up a new client file, end a client matter or do any number of common law practice tasks, you have a standard process. It’s most likely in your head, though, and not well documented. Checklists are great tools for making sure you are completing the routine processes in your practice without mistakes. They’ll also save you time, especially if you want to delegate certain tasks. So let’s get some of these processes out of your head … READ THE REST

Attorney at Work Classic

20 Legal Marketing Maxims

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Marketing Maxims

Every lawyer wrestles with getting and keeping clients. Actually, it is quite normal to constantly wonder: “Where do I start?” “Are we spending enough on marketing … or spending too much on the wrong things?” “What are the right things?” Stop! Don’t get all tangled up! Take a break and get back to the basics with advice from marketing guru Bob Denney. It’s a classic from the Attorney at Work Legal Marketing Archives. … READ THE REST

Ask the Experts

Can You Be a Better Boss?

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Super Boss

Question: From a firm administrator’s perspective, what could a lawyer do to be a better boss?

Supervising staff can be a challenge, but any lawyer can be a good boss with a little conscious effort. In this edition of “Ask the Experts from the Association of Legal Administrators,” Sharon Abrahams and Paul Morton offer key advice to improve your supervisory skills. … READ THE REST

Companionate Love, Part Two

10 Strategies for Bringing More Love into the Law

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Love in the Law

Last week, Christy Cassisa introduced us to the concept of “companionate love” in the workplace. It’s a type of emotional culture in which relationships are based on warmth, caring and connection — and, as Christy detailed in Part One, research shows it’s good for employers, employees and even clients. Today, she gets practical with a list of how-to’s aimed at helping lawyers start the shift to a more caring culture in their own offices. … READ THE REST

Get to the Point

A Roman Walks Into a Bar

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Get to the Point

A Roman walks into a bar and tells the bartender, “I’d like a martinus.” The bartender says, “You mean a martini.” “No,” says the Roman, “I only want one.”

English is a funny language — in both senses of the word. English incorporates words from other languages, and sometimes that means the usual rules don’t work. Usually, we add “s” to the end of a word to make it plural or “es” if the word ends in s, sh, ch, or z. But more than one stimulus are “stimuli,” not “stimuluses.” … READ THE REST