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How to Use the Audit Trail in Worldox

By Danielle DavisRoe

Worldox for Legal ProfessionalsRegularly find yourself needing to know about a document’s history? Here’s how to use the audit trail to extract the information you need from Worldox, adapted from Affinity Consulting’s “Worldox for Legal Professionals.

User Audit Trail

At the user level, individuals can see the entire history of a document, including information for each user who touches the document. This information includes a history of every time the document was saved, opened, viewed, printed or edited.

To audit a file, simply select the document in a list. Then, from the menu bar, select Audit > File. Alternatively, right-click on the desired document and select Audit File.

Administrative Audit Trail

At the Worldox Administrator level, IT professionals and Worldox administrators can see even more information. For example, you can:

  • View everything a particular user did anywhere in Worldox within a certain date range.
  • View everything a user deleted within a certain date range.
  • Pull up a history of a particular document ID.
  • Compile a list of documents renamed during a certain date range.
  • Search for all documents checked out or checked in during a certain date range.

The Administrative Audit Trail is accessed through the Worldox Administrator program. In the menu bar, select AuditTrail > Events. 


If you have the Worldox Productivity Suite and appropriate permissions, Worldox uses the audit trail as the back-end engine to set up automatic notifications if a document/file has been touched or updated. This can be used to monitor a particularly important document or to notify users that a scan or mail folder has a new document that has been saved for someone to review.

Worldox audit trail


You can access this function on the main menu bar by selecting Audit > Notify.

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In this tips series, the legal technology training expert Danielle DavisRoe of Affinity Consulting Group offers straightforward answers to common questions about popular software programs used in law offices. Check out Danielle’s tips on using Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, Netdocuments, Kofax Power PDF and more, here.

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Danielle Danielle DavisRoe

Danielle DavisRoe is a senior consultant with Affinity Consulting Group (@affinitylegal). Whether it’s teaching clients a new skill through training, speaking at CLE events, or management consulting, Danielle is 100% focused on making the lives of her clients better. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and a Juris Doctorate from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

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