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How to Get the Fee You Deserve

By | Aug.29.14 | No Comments

It happens to every lawyer — although hopefully not too often. You propose or quote a fee to a client or prospective client and are greeted with a response such as “I can’t a[...]

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Bob Denney's 25th Annual Trends Report

2013 What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession

By | Dec.03.13 | 10 Comments

For 25 years now, Bob Denney has been taking the temperature of the legal profession and sharing his firm’s observations on the most important business trends in the practice o[...]

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Business Development

They Have a Word for That

By | Jan.31.13 | No Comments

Some years ago, I conducted a half-day workshop on business development at an AmLaw 100 firm's retreat. I closed the session by saying the following: “If you don’t remember any[...]

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2012 What’s Hot and What’s Not

By | Nov.27.12 | 2 Comments

For more than two decades now, Bob Denney has shared his firm’s savvy observations of the most important business trends in the practice of law—not only in the United Stat[...]

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The True Meaning of Partnership

By | Jun.27.12 | 2 Comments

When I began consulting, it was my plan to focus on working with corporations. But one of the first calls I received was from the managing partner of one of the international acco[...]

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Business Development

Denney’s 20 Marketing Maxims

By | Mar.05.12 | No Comments

Every lawyer wrestles with getting and keeping clients. It is, after all, hard stuff! And it’s actually quite normal to constantly wonder: "Where do I start?" "Are we spending en[...]

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