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The Friday Five

Five Lessons in Law Firm Cybersecurity and Privacy

By | Apr.08.16 | No Comments

What’s that phrase from “The Godfather, Part III”? Oh yeah. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” I left legal tech behind six months ago for Silicon Valley, and while …Continue reading »

Practice Innovation

Want to Avoid Irrelevance? Put Data to Work

By | May.26.14 | No Comments

At LexThink 2014, Gwynne Monahan started her six-minute speech on the given theme, “The End of Irrelevance,” with a creative analogy: Strawberry Pop-Tarts. What does the iconic breakfast pastry have to do with your law practice? You …Continue reading »

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Searching Social Media

By | Aug.06.13 | No Comments

Social media. A familiar topic for me, and a staple now at ABA TECHSHOW. I’d be remiss, though, if I didn’t say I walked into the 2013 session “Social Media as Information Gathering Tool” as …Continue reading »

Social Media

Searching Social Media

By | Apr.15.13 | 2 Comments

Social media. A familiar topic for me, and a staple now at ABA TECHSHOW. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say I walked into the session, “Social Media as Information Gathering Tool,” a skeptic last …Continue reading »

Getting Found on the Internet

Try These Google+ Tactics

By | Jan.22.13 | 1 Comment

I confess that I am annoyed when people call Google+ a ghost town. I have to bite my tongue and crack my knuckles to avoid furious screaming and typing “You’re doing it wrong!” But wait. Wait. …Continue reading »

Friday Five

Simplify Your Social Life with Livefyre

By | Sep.14.12 | 4 Comments

If you are hard at work building your online presence, with a website, a blog (or two) and social media accounts, soon you’ll find that managing the “back end” can make you a little, well, …Continue reading »

Measuring Up on the InterWebs

By | Jun.22.12 | 3 Comments

I confess that writing a post about ways to measure social media performance took some thinking, mainly because I don’t put much stock in the typical metrics, like follower count. Getting people to follow you …Continue reading »

Social Media

Should Lawyers Care About Klout Scores?

By | May.14.12 | 1 Comment

Attorney at Work has been after me for a post about Klout. Try as I might, the drafts are snarky. I simply can’t get past my mantra: Until my Klout score replaces my credit score, …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Serving 21st Century Clients: LexThink.1

By | Apr.06.12 | No Comments

“Serving 21st Century Clients” was the theme that drove 11 fearless speakers to the stage at last week’s LexThink.1 to pitch their personal angle—in a mere six minutes! How did they fare? For this week’s Friday Five we …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Best of the Fest for Mac-Using Lawyers

By | Nov.18.11 | 1 Comment

Mac loving lawyers gathered at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, last week for MILOfest 2011, “a conference for attorneys interested in Macs, iPhones, iPads and anything else bearing an Apple logo.” Since …Continue reading »