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Reading People: A Body Language Translator

By | Jan.09.14 | No Comments

Are you sending mixed messages by saying one thing and doing another? Can you tell when people are trustworthy, bored, anxious or interested by the way they sit or how they look at[...]

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Courting Insight: Body Language on Trial

By | Dec.12.13 | No Comments

The most brilliant trial attorneys seem to have a natural instinct for reading people, knowing intuitively what a nod from a juror or glance from a judge implies. For the rest of u[...]

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Putting Clients at Ease: Body Language 101

By | Nov.04.13 | No Comments

Mae West once claimed, “I speak two languages, Body and English.” Double entendre aside, she had a point. Fluency in both speaking and understanding body language can take you [...]

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The Friday Five

Five Books to Get Your Clock Ticking

By | Sep.06.13 | 3 Comments

Yes, we know, you live and die by the clock, and you’re already pretty savvy about time management. That said, a tune-up never hurts. Especially when getting the most out of e[...]

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Build a Stress Safety Net Into Your Law Practice

By | Jul.03.13 | 1 Comment

Our new download, A Matter of Time: Time Management & Productivity Tips for Lawyers, is popping with advice on legal project management, timekeeping, writer's block, email ove[...]

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Holiday Rewind: Best of Attorney at Work

A Refresher Course in Table Etiquette

By | Nov.21.12 | 2 Comments

We've dipped into the archives to bring back one our most popular posts to keep you entertained—and informed. Everyone can use a helpful reminder about manners at this time of [...]

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