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Lawyer Advertising and Marketing Ethics Today: An Overview

By | Jan.23.13 | 1 Comment

At the start of the new year, we asked Will Hornsby, Staff Counsel at the American Bar Association, what lawyers need to know about changes made in ethics rules regarding marketing in 2012—and what to …Continue reading »

Legal Marketing Ethics

Label Up!

By | May.03.12 | No Comments

While some people are “lawyering up,” lawyers are labeling up. Advertisements, as well as brochures and emails, often seem to be screaming out at even the most sophisticated audience: “Lawyer Advertisement!” “Advertising Material!” “This is …Continue reading »

Marketing Ethics

What’s in a Law Firm Name?

By | Apr.09.12 | 2 Comments

Sometimes a law firm name tells us a lot. A firm name composed of three guys, some of whom may have passed on, tells us the firm has been around for a while. “The Divorce …Continue reading »

Legal Marketing Ethics

Is Your Business Card Ethical?

By | Mar.13.12 | 2 Comments

We do our best to go paperless, yet there’s one small piece of paper that seems to endure: the business card. Of course there are apps to exchange contact information, but I’ve yet to attend …Continue reading »

Legal Marketing Ethics

Can I Say That? Part Three

By | Aug.17.11 | No Comments

What do you say when people ask you what you do? And can you say it in a way that doesn’t alarm the ethics police? In this third installment in his marketing ethics series, Will Hornsby explains …Continue reading »

Legal Marketing Ethics

Can I Say That? Part Two

By | Aug.10.11 | No Comments

When is it okay to boast about your professional accomplishments? Say, in blog posts or tweets or press releases? And what about in your Google profile and listing? To help set us straight, we …Continue reading »