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Clio Partner Spotlight

The Benefits of Integrated Legal Research

By Joshua Lenon

Legal research has come a long way in the digital era. Today’s attorneys have access to a wealth of previously unavailable research tools, and the ability to streamline and automate large chunks of the legal research process.

Two fast-rising stars in the legal technology world have teamed up to address attorney legal research pain points. Via an exclusive integration, law firms using Fastcase (voted the number one mobile legal app two years running by ABA members) and Clio (the number one cloud-based practice management platform) are now able to streamline their legal research workflows and take advantage of the following benefits:

TIME TRACKING: When combined, lawyers using Fastcase will now find a timer built into their research engine. Starting a timer in Fastcase allows that time to be logged in Clio’s time management and billing tools. Forget keeping track of research minutes on post-it notes and napkins, Fastcase and Clio will count the minutes for you.

CASE ASSOCIATION: Not only will Fastcase track time for you, it will also sync those time entries with your Matters and case files in Clio. By connecting the two services, lawyers will be able to access a list of their open cases, and enter time directly to those cases from Fastcase. At month-end, billing for research is simplified—your time entries from Fastcase research are already alongside your other billed work. Just hit a button in Clio and your bill is ready to present to the client.

SAVED SEARCH RESULTS: Fastcase also can save your search results in Clio, alongside all the other documents in your case file. Found the case you need?  Click “Save to Clio,” and a copy of your document instantly appears saved alongside your motions and briefs. You will never have to print and scan a case into your files ever again.

In addition to the smarter research already provided by Fastcase, this partnership means more billable time and less administrative time, more accurate invoices, and more time for yourself. Once you’ve seamlessly transitioned between researching on Fastcase and managing your cases on Clio without interrupting your flow, you’ll never go back.

Visit here to learn more about how Clio integrates with Fastcase and to start your free trial today, or watch this free on-demand webinar to learn how you can streamline your law firm’s legal research methods.

Joshua Lenon is an attorney admitted to the New York Bar. He studied law at St. Louis University School of Law, obtaining a Juris Doctorate and a Certificate in International and Comparative Law. During this time, Joshua clerked for the Missouri Attorney General, helping prosecute discrimination claims on behalf of Missouri citizens. Joshua has since helped legal practitioners improve their services, working for Thomson Reuters’ publishing departments in both the United States and Canada. Joshua currently serves as Lawyer-in-Residence for Clio, providing legal scholarship and research skills to the leading cloud-based practice management platform.

Clio is the most comprehensive cloud-based practice management platform for the legal industry. With the help of the cloud, Clio eases the process of calendaring, time tracking, billing, administration, and collaboration for law firms of all sizes.

Learn more and start your free trial at, or follow Clio on Twitter at @goclio.

Categories: Legal Technology, Managing a Law Firm, Product Spotlight
Originally published May 28, 2015
Last updated August 20, 2020
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Joshua Lenon Joshua Lenon

Joshua Lenon is an attorney and Director of Communications at Clio, where he focuses on scholarship and marketing skills, with an interest in the intersection of law and technology. Previously, Joshua helped legal practitioners improve their services, working for Thomson Reuters’ publishing departments. Follow him on Twitter @JoshuaLenon.

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