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A Matter of Time

Time Management and Productivity
Tips for Lawyers

A Matter of Time Free DownloadTime management. Ha! As if it’s really possible to wrestle those slippery hours, minutes and days into any semblance of order, or exercise any control. Most days just whiz by, leaving you with nothing more than a longer to-do list — a task list that now syncs with multiple devices … and follows you everywhere. You work so hard, and always with the goal of pleasing others, there just isn’t a whole lot of time left over to focus on what pleases you.

Well, that stops here. A Matter of Time: Time Management and Productivity Tips for Lawyers is a downloadable collection of really good ideas to help you manage, organize and just plain get back to enjoying your time.

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Go ahead and download your free copy of A Matter of Time, and you’ll be ready to set up some good systems, pick out some truly useful apps and get the wheels turning to get a grip on your time — and your life!

You’ll find a collection of Attorney at Work’s best productivity posts, along with brand-new articles to help you overcome the common pains and distractions in a lawyer’s day, including:

  • NPP & Verizon’s List of the Top 20 iPhone and iPad Productivity Apps for Lawyers
  • Demystifying Legal Project Management by Pamela Woldow
  • Conquering Writer’s Block: The 21-Minute Method by Gary Kinder
  • Straight Talkin’ Time Tracking Apps by Chelsey Lambert
  • Five Lawyers’ Time Management Secrets by Jamie J. Spannhake
  • It’s Not About Time, It’s About Focus by Paul Burton
  • Control Your Technology, Control Your Time by Sachin Bhatia
  • Five Email Productivity Killers (and How to Avoid Them) by Bret Beresford-Wood

Plus, there are terrific stress-reducing tips: David King Keller’s research on Microbreaks and Mary Ellen Sullivan’s Guide to Reducing Stress and Having a Little More Fun in Life! 

Download your free copy of A Matter of Time!


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