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Casetext’s Jake Heller on the Launch of Compose

By Mark Feldman

At TECHSHOW 2020 in Chicago this February, Attorney at Work’s Mark and Joan Feldman talked with Jake Heller, CEO of Casetext, about the company’s newest product “Compose,” which automates the first draft of a legal brief, and why Jake believes the technology is poised to disrupt a $437 billion legal industry.

About Casetext
Casetext is a legal technology company known for its groundbreaking AI legal research platform. Compose is a new product that automates the first draft of a legal brief.

Categories: Artificial Intelligence, Legal Research, Legal Tech Reviews, Legal Technology, Podcast
Originally published March 7, 2020
Last updated December 6, 2020
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Mark Feldman

Mark Feldman is Publisher of Attorney at Work. Contact him at and follow him @MarkFeldman2 on Twitter.

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