Curmudgeon’s Perspective

A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Tomatoes, Squash, Associates and Weeds

By | Sep.24.13 | 1 Comment

Each spring when I plant my garden, I have great expectations for all the vegetables I’ll be harvesting. By June, the new plants start to look a little like the pictures in the catalog, but here …Continue reading »

A Curmudgeon's Perspective

It’s a New Day

By | Jul.16.13 | 2 Comments

It’s gone now, but I remember clearly the coffee shop where we used to gather in the mornings to brace ourselves for the day and generally shoot the shit with each other. We were a …Continue reading »

The Last Lawyers to Starve

By | Jun.25.13 | 2 Comments

Every year, law schools crank out twice as many baby lawyers as there are job openings, and every year we hear that the traditional market for lawyers is shrinking. The United States already has more …Continue reading »

A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Cue the Zombie Lawyers

By | Apr.01.13 | 1 Comment

I sat in court recently listening as the plaintiff’s monotonous lawyer droned on about trivial irrelevancies. I watched the judge pretend to pay attention while most likely checking his Twitter feed. The few others in …Continue reading »

A Curmudgeon's Perspective

The Myth of Multitasking in the Legal Labyrinth

By | Jan.24.13 | 2 Comments

The other day I overheard my grandkids talking about me, and lawyers in general. The older one was trying to explain what it is lawyers do by repeating a comparison I’d once made between myself …Continue reading »

a curmudgeon's perspective

Dress for Excess

By | Oct.23.12 | 1 Comment

The other day, Oriella, one of the young legal secretaries, wore these sandal-type shoes with long leather straps wrapping up to mid-calf. I thought they looked pretty, and a little sexy, and remarked on them …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Where the Sidewalk Ends

By | Jul.06.12 | No Comments

Shel Silverstein’s writing had a profound impact on me and my family. Thumbing through his classic Where the Sidewalk Ends recently brought back some nice memories, and then set me musing in another direction. My own …Continue reading »

Don’t Push the Red Button

By | Jun.19.12 | No Comments

There’s a scene in “Men in Black II” where Agent J (Will Smith) tells Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), “Don’t push the red button.” Of course, he does. The car he’s driving suddenly transforms into …Continue reading »

A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Life Is Complex and Uncertain

By | Mar.07.12 | 3 Comments

Everybody’s talking about project management for lawyers these days. And I think it’s about damn time! Early in my law career, I had a conversation with a client that convinced me of its merits. He was …Continue reading »

Sullied by the Practice of Law

By | Jan.31.12 | No Comments

It rested on the credenza of his corner office looking battered and well-used, not unlike the lawyer behind the desk. “My daddy carried that to court for 20 years, and gave it to me when he finally retired. …Continue reading »