Timekeeping & Billing

Three Ways to Better Billing

By | Jul.22.14 | No Comments

Billing. It’s not something we like to talk about, but it is something lawyers have to do regularly, so it deserves some attention. Making sure you capture all of your billable t[...]

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New Math, New Money: New Download!

By | Feb.03.14 | 1 Comment

Yes, it seems we’ve been talking about the big changes coming to the legal profession for a very long time. But when the shift starts making headlines in the general media, it [...]

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Fee Tale: This Is Not Your Father’s Engagement Agreement

By | Aug.28.13 | 3 Comments

Lawyers are uniquely situated to craft the parameters of the client-business relationship, though many forgo the opportunity — or, at least, leave much to interpretation and chan[...]

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Billing Is Marketing

By | Aug.22.13 | 1 Comment

Last month, I wrote about the importance of communication when it comes to pricing your legal services ("Good Lawyers Talk Money with Their Clients"). Once you have the engagement,[...]

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The Friday Five

Make the Timekeeping Honor Roll

By | Jun.14.13 | 6 Comments

Wise lawyers know that contemporaneous timekeeping is essential to the success of any fee arrangement—and to the overall financial success of your law firm. Lawyers who reconstru[...]

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Clients Want Value

Abandon the Hourly Chains and Pitch Clients on Your “Why”

By | Dec.04.12 | 2 Comments

Lawyers have been talking about and wrestling with “alternative billing methods” or “alternative fee agreements" for a decade or more. Recently, however, the conversation has[...]

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