Business Development

The Friday Five

Get Visible: Five Tips for Effective Legal Marketing

By | Nov.13.15 | No Comments

I’ve tried working harder, and I’ve tried working smarter. After years of both, it’s easy to tell which works better. Yet so many lawyers I know suffer from tunnel vision while performing work for clients, …Continue reading »

Nothing But The Ruth

Finding Your Law Firm’s Social Media Voice

By | Nov.11.15 | No Comments

Recently the lawyers in my new firm, Venjuris, decided to be more active on social media, particularly in blogging and on a Facebook page. The partners are looking to me for guidance on how to …Continue reading »

Clio Partner Spotlight

New Clio Features Help Make Practice Growth a Reality

By | Nov.06.15 | No Comments

Clio, the leading cloud-based legal practice management provider, has announced two major feature releases and eight new integration partners. These new product capabilities and integrations directly address the most commonly-cited challenges faced by law firms …Continue reading »

Easy Marketing?

Those Stupid Superlative Lawyer Lists

By | Nov.04.15 | 14 Comments

“I’m selling ego to lawyers, Ross. I’m going to make a fortune.” — Actual quote from a marketing friend before starting a vanity directory. Looking back, it turns out he miscalculated. It seems like he’s making closer to …Continue reading »

Ask the Experts

Marketing Goals for Associates?

By | Nov.03.15 | 1 Comment

Question: As a law firm associate, what should be my most important marketing and business development goals?   Tina Emerson: Your goals as an associate should be to learn as much as possible, perform great work for …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Five (Cheap) Marketing Tips from LMA Technology West

By | Oct.23.15 | No Comments

The annual Legal Marketing Association Technology Conference/West is the equivalent of the State of the Union for law firm marketers. It’s a hands-on, application-oriented meeting with presentations from those at the top of their fields. Many …Continue reading »

Well Said!

Disengaging from a Dead-End Networking Conversation

By | Oct.22.15 | 2 Comments

We’ve all found ourselves trapped in a dead-end conversation at a networking event. Someone drones on about a topic in which you have no interest. Or, it’s simply someone you don’t like. Or maybe you …Continue reading »

Legal Marketing Ethics

Is Ohio Gagging Lawyers Speaking at Seminars?

By | Oct.15.15 | 1 Comment

Every few years, state ethics officials issue a questionable decision in the legal marketing ethics area. The ones that make you scratch your head and think, “Really? What planet do they live on?” In Florida, for …Continue reading »

Well Said

How to Speak to Your Dream Client

By | Sep.28.15 | No Comments

Recently, a lawyer who said he’d “been given the chance to meet with my dream client” asked for help preparing for that meeting. He allowed that, “they’re not adding any new panel counsel yet, but …Continue reading »

Play to Win

Expertise Marketing: The Value of Credentials

By | Sep.24.15 | 1 Comment

Recently, I was talking with a lawyer who had been referred a very nice piece of business right in her practice sweet spot. She said to me, “I don’t even know how they heard of …Continue reading »