Business Development

Online Marketing

Smart Ways Lawyers Can Use Email Marketing

By | Jul.31.14 | No Comments

It's clear that email is central to communications these days, with an estimated 122 billion emails being sent per hour. So it's no wonder almost 70 percent of marketers rely on e[...]

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One of a Kind

The Expertise Effect: How Getting Narrow Can Grow Your Practice

By | Jul.30.14 | 3 Comments

There are countless ways lawyers can and do compete with one another for work. We have price — what work costs; process — how work is performed; personality — the lawyer’s [...]

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Play to Win

More Business Development Tips for Associates

By | Jul.21.14 | No Comments

More and more young lawyers are actively seeking ways to get involved in marketing and business development. In some cases, their firms encourage it; in others, the associates rec[...]

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The Friday Five

Rainmaking Steps: Skirting the Social Dilemma

By | Jul.18.14 | 2 Comments

As we enter the heart of summer, pleasant weather ramps up the frequency of cookouts and other casual events. We find ourselves spending less time with business contacts and more w[...]

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Business Development Starters for Associates

By | Jun.25.14 | 4 Comments

I remember when partners would say to associates, “Don’t worry about getting business. Just spend your time doing the work and learning your craft.” Then, firms would make so[...]

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Relationships and the Web

By | Jun.04.14 | 4 Comments

Your relationships with clients, colleagues and other referral sources ought to be the focus of your client development process and your web presence. Lawyers regularly ask me q[...]

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