Client Relations

Instilling Client Confidence in Your Practice

By | Apr.14.14 | No Comments

In this series, Oklahoma City attorney Noble McIntyre has been offering tips on rolling out the welcome mat for clients and prospective clients. His first two posts provided point[...]

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Mastering Client Care

Getting Real with Aggressive Clients

By | Mar.06.14 | No Comments

Nobody enjoys dealing with aggressive clients, and some lawyers have the luxury of declining to represent them — a goal I heartily recommend. Sometimes, however, for myriad reaso[...]

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The Welcome Mat

Law Firm Telephone Etiquette

By | Feb.25.14 | 1 Comment

Once someone contacts your law firm, everything — from the receptionist’s demeanor to the conference room decor — can affect whether that person will sign on as a client. So[...]

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Play to Win

Get Feedback from Your Clients

By | Feb.20.14 | 2 Comments

In the legal industry, there is much discussion but scant implementation on the issue of client feedback. Research shows that few firms make the attempt to gather client feedback i[...]

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Marketing & Business Development

Get Back to Basics for Better Business Development

By | Feb.19.14 | 2 Comments

The practice of law is stressful. And complicated. And, at times, frustrating. Legal marketing and business development need not be. Here are a few back-to-basics tips designed[...]

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Intake Call Misses

Listening In: The Client Prevention Department

By | Feb.06.14 | 1 Comment

During a recent intake call training session, the COO of a large PI firm in New England bragged, “We convert 90 percent of the cases we want." An hour later, after we played four[...]

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