Cloud Computing


Ways Your Firm Can Create Motions More Efficiently

By | Oct.21.13 | No Comments

Meeting tight deadlines for filing motions is stressful by itself. But it's even more nerve-rattling when legal research, drafts and comments are scattered all over the place and [...]

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What Do You Mean by “Virtual Law Firm”?

By | Oct.10.13 | 6 Comments

Virtual Law Practice. The legal industry has not experienced such a trendy concept since "per stirpes" hit the scene back in the day. The virtual concept must be doing something ri[...]

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The Future of Law

Practicing Law on Cloud Nine: ClioCon 2013

By | Oct.03.13 | No Comments

Last week at the Clio Cloud Conference in Chicago, the law practice management software company gathered 200-plus faithful users for two days of programming, capped by an exuberant[...]

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Law Office Technology

Free Your Law Practice’s Computing Budget

By | Sep.09.13 | 7 Comments

Don't let your software party like it's 1999. From 1997 to 2001, I worked for Verio, marketing and selling Internet access and web hosting to businesses. Early on, we had a small [...]

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Practice Tools

What Entrepreneurs Expect from Their Lawyers

By | Aug.14.13 | No Comments

As the world moves faster (and it does, doesn't it?), you have to move faster, too, not only to keep up, but to amaze and astound your clients in a highly competitive field. While [...]

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Cloud Computing Series

What’s New in the Law Cloud?

By | Jul.15.13 | 4 Comments

What’s new in the law cloud is nothing. At least from a technical perspective. “We've fallen into a groove much like back when we had servers,” says Lee Rosen, a divorce law[...]

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