Drop Your Data Into Dropbox

By | Nov.07.11 | 3 Comments

For better or worse, we’ve become ‘always-on’ professionals. We want access to all our data, all the time and we want it now. In the past, data housed on an office network or personal computer could be …Continue reading »


Take It From the Wonder Pets

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I spend a fair amount of time watching my nephews and niece, ages six, four and two, respectively. They tend to cycle through the kids’ shows, but there’s one they keep going back to, time and again: The …Continue reading »


Law Bloggers: Are Your Readers Bored Yet?

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Your blog is worthless if it doesn’t engage your reader. That’s true whether you’re blogging to market, to educate or as a foray into public journaling. If you leave your reader cold after the first two …Continue reading »

The Friday Five

Take Five Steps Up to Leadership

By | Aug.05.11 | No Comments

Sometimes it seems we’ve entered into a nationwide public critique of what is and is not good leadership. Whether it’s the senior partner’s latest edict, the qualifications of the practice group head, or the plays …Continue reading »


The Joys of

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Let’s say you have a meeting scheduled with your client to review an important time-sensitive document. Moments before, your client calls to cancel because she’s caught at home during a snowstorm. At one time, you would …Continue reading »

Law Firm Networks

A Lawyer in Uzbekistan? We’ve Got That

By | Jul.25.11 | No Comments

For decades, law firm networks have helped lawyers build relationships, share referrals and learn all kinds of things from other lawyers outside their markets. Hundreds of networks exist, often organized around a certain type of law firm …Continue reading »


Using the iPad in Meetings

By | Jul.14.11 | 2 Comments

In his recent post, iPad for Lawyers: End of the PC?, Tom Mighell suggested the iPad can actually add value to the services you provide to your clients. He’s also pointed to some useful apps and iPad accessories. …Continue reading »

Five Reasons to Consider a Virtual Assistant

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Most law offices are set up quite traditionally. Plenty of lawyers still use fax machines and many law offices still contain that ancient beast known as a stenograph. So it’s no surprise that lawyers tend to …Continue reading »

Conference Rooms in the Cloud

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Collaborating with clients used to be a face-to-face deal—taking place in your conference room or office, or perhaps a swank restaurant to impress. Now, communication with clients mostly happens virtually, with emails and documents substituting …Continue reading »


Don’t Negotiate, Collaborate!

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The process of forming an agreement is usually seen as negotiating—an adversarial process in which both parties try to “win.” You could call the result an “agreement for protection.” It’s easy for lawyers to slip into conflict with …Continue reading »