Courting Insight: Body Language on Trial

By | Dec.12.13 | No Comments

The most brilliant trial attorneys seem to have a natural instinct for reading people, knowing intuitively what a nod from a juror or glance from a judge implies. For the rest of u[...]

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Communication Skills

Win a Client’s Trust with These Three Phone Tips

By | Dec.05.13 | No Comments

Want your clients to be more open and honest with you? Make them feel at home. Sounds simple enough. A warm smile, an inviting office, and you should be all set! But what if their [...]

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Mastering Client Care

When Clients Get Angry About Results

By | Nov.07.13 | 1 Comment

In her new series on mastering the care of clients, attorney Ryan Sullivan has advice for clearing up your client communications issues and elevating your service. With a smile. [...]

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Putting Clients at Ease: Body Language 101

By | Nov.04.13 | No Comments

Mae West once claimed, “I speak two languages, Body and English.” Double entendre aside, she had a point. Fluency in both speaking and understanding body language can take you [...]

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Happy Hallowe'en!

The Monster Under the Bed

By | Oct.31.13 | 1 Comment

Once past the age of trick-or-treating, we like to think we've kissed our last bogeyman goodbye. After all, we now know that zombies are merely figments, and it's only dust bunnies[...]

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Practice is for Professionals

Perfecting Your Presentation Skills

By | Oct.15.13 | 4 Comments

There's a misplaced belief among lawyers, one that many may hold as a self-evident "truth": Rehearsing and practicing is for lily-livered, milksop fraidy-cats. Just last week I hea[...]

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