Writing Tips from Gary Kinder

Words Matter: Ways to Unmuddle Your Prose

By | Jul.17.14 | 6 Comments

In their written communications, lawyers need to use the right words and the right number of words in the right way. If you circumvent your content, malign your meaning, dangle you[...]

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Even Judges Appreciate Shorter Briefs

By | Jul.08.14 | 1 Comment

Some perfectly good words lose all their meaning through misuse or overuse. “Verbiage” is one of them. The primary entry in my dictionary defines verbiage as: “More words tha[...]

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Drafting Skills

Legal Editing with Three Simple Questions

By | Jun.26.14 | 1 Comment

Cribbing from commercial forms and recycling language from documents you’ve already created saves a lot of time and aggravation when you’re drafting new documents. No one needs[...]

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Get to the Point

Lawyers: Why Tweet?

By | Jun.19.14 | 2 Comments

Previous Attorney at Work posts have discussed how to use Twitter for maximum effect while assuming you have an interest in it as a marketing tool. But some lawyers say they do not[...]

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Where, Oh, Where Has My Email Gone?

By | May.19.14 | 1 Comment

We are so used to instant gratification when it comes to communication — instant messaging, texting, all-access all-the-time smartphones. We can’t even get away from it when we[...]

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Practice Management

Build Trust in Online Legal Communications

By | Apr.29.14 | 1 Comment

Trust: It’s a quality that supports ease of communication and smooth case management and secures your colleagues’ and clients’ loyalty. But with so much happening today in th[...]

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