Law Firm Culture


The True Meaning of Partnership

By | Jun.27.12 | 2 Comments

When I began consulting, it was my plan to focus on working with corporations. But one of the first calls I received was from the managing partner of one of the international acco[...]

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Business Development

Ten Ways Small Firms Can Compete

By | Dec.08.11 | 4 Comments

Turbulence in the legal profession, and the business world itself, make these difficult and unusual times. The loss or consolidation of so many venerable law firms has altered the [...]

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Signs It Might be Time to Quit

By | Oct.19.11 | 1 Comment

How do you know when it is time to quit … your job, your client, your firm, your relationship, your diet—or even your dream? While many of us grew up to the tune of "quitters n[...]

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A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Hey, Old Guys!

By | Oct.13.11 | No Comments

There's a scene in the movie "Men in Black" when Will Smith's character tries unsuccessfully to get the attention of his bosses, and finally succeeds when he bellows “Hey, Old [...]

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Take It From the Wonder Pets

By | Oct.10.11 | No Comments

I spend a fair amount of time watching my nephews and niece, ages six, four and two, respectively. They tend to cycle through the kids' shows, but there's one they keep going ba[...]

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Laffy Taffy or Hershey Kiss?

By | Aug.24.11 | No Comments

Innovation is the cornerstone of our economy. Finding new ways to do things, unique things to sell and better ways to sell them—that’s what it's all about. How does this apply [...]

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