Law Firm Culture

Be Thankful!

Law Firm Size? Grow Where You’re Planted

By | Nov.27.13 | 1 Comment

There are oh-so-many things to be grumpy about. We could start with politics. Or the traffic. Or even the coming holidays. But let’s not, eh? Being grumpy is just too easy. Instead, let’s shoot for the flip …Continue reading »

Practice Tips

Hot Topics at the ABA Solo and Small Firm Conference

By | Oct.25.12 | 2 Comments

Every year, the American Bar Association’s Solo, Small Firm and General Practice Division hosts a conference jam-packed with programs covering the latest legal trends. We asked Houston solo practitioner Ashley Hallene, known for delivering hot practice …Continue reading »

a curmudgeon's perspective

Dress for Excess

By | Oct.23.12 | 1 Comment

The other day, Oriella, one of the young legal secretaries, wore these sandal-type shoes with long leather straps wrapping up to mid-calf. I thought they looked pretty, and a little sexy, and remarked on them …Continue reading »

Taking Care of Yourself

You’re Being Bullied: Now What?

By | Sep.19.12 | 2 Comments

Yes, a law firm can be a pretty difficult place to work. You’ve gathered together and granted power to people with expensive educations in … well, winning. And that can be less than conducive to productive …Continue reading »

Take Care of Yourself

Are You Being Bullied?

By | Aug.30.12 | 1 Comment

A law firm can be a pretty difficult place to work. You’ve gathered together and granted power to people with expensive educations in … well, winning. In all of its various manifestations. In fact, most …Continue reading »

Law Practice Management

Don’t Tolerate Jerks

By | Aug.15.12 | No Comments

News flash: Jerks, it seems, are everywhere. Yes, it’s true, including in law firms. The ABA Journal’s recent  “No Jerks” piece, as well as Bill Cobb and Terry Conner’s “Why Should We Tolerate ‘Jerks’ in Our Law …Continue reading »


The True Meaning of Partnership

By | Jun.27.12 | 2 Comments

When I began consulting, it was my plan to focus on working with corporations. But one of the first calls I received was from the managing partner of one of the international accounting firms. When I …Continue reading »

Business Development

Ten Ways Small Firms Can Compete

By | Dec.08.11 | 4 Comments

Turbulence in the legal profession, and the business world itself, make these difficult and unusual times. The loss or consolidation of so many venerable law firms has altered the competitive landscape for firms of all …Continue reading »


Signs It Might be Time to Quit

By | Oct.19.11 | 1 Comment

How do you know when it is time to quit … your job, your client, your firm, your relationship, your diet—or even your dream? While many of us grew up to the tune of “quitters …Continue reading »

A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Hey, Old Guys!

By | Oct.13.11 | No Comments

There’s a scene in the movie “Men in Black” when Will Smith’s character tries unsuccessfully to get the attention of his bosses, and finally succeeds when he bellows “Hey, Old Guys!” That’s a familiar scene around my …Continue reading »