Law Firm Culture

Take Care of Yourself

Are You Being Bullied?

By | Aug.30.12 | 1 Comment

A law firm can be a pretty difficult place to work. You've gathered together and granted power to people with expensive educations in ... well, winning. In all of its various manif[...]

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Law Practice Management

Don’t Tolerate Jerks

By | Aug.15.12 | No Comments

News flash: Jerks, it seems, are everywhere. Yes, it's true, including in law firms. The ABA Journal's recent  "No Jerks" piece, as well as Bill Cobb and Terry Conner's "Why Sho[...]

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The True Meaning of Partnership

By | Jun.27.12 | 2 Comments

When I began consulting, it was my plan to focus on working with corporations. But one of the first calls I received was from the managing partner of one of the international acco[...]

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Business Development

Ten Ways Small Firms Can Compete

By | Dec.08.11 | 4 Comments

Turbulence in the legal profession, and the business world itself, make these difficult and unusual times. The loss or consolidation of so many venerable law firms has altered the [...]

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Signs It Might be Time to Quit

By | Oct.19.11 | 1 Comment

How do you know when it is time to quit … your job, your client, your firm, your relationship, your diet—or even your dream? While many of us grew up to the tune of "quitters n[...]

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A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Hey, Old Guys!

By | Oct.13.11 | No Comments

There's a scene in the movie "Men in Black" when Will Smith's character tries unsuccessfully to get the attention of his bosses, and finally succeeds when he bellows “Hey, Old [...]

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