Document Management

Document Management

Upgrading Your Law Firm DMS? Pitfalls to Avoid

By | Oct.28.13 | No Comments

In “Your Law Firm’s DMS: Put the Past Behind You,” Brian Ruthruff and Dodie Edelstein identified new features lawyers can expect in a document management system (DMS) today. In this follow-up, they have advice for making the …Continue reading »


Ways Your Firm Can Create Motions More Efficiently

By | Oct.21.13 | No Comments

Meeting tight deadlines for filing motions is stressful by itself. But it’s even more nerve-rattling when legal research, drafts and comments are scattered all over the place and not accessible when needed. In a typical law …Continue reading »

Document Management

Your Law Firm’s DMS: Put the Past Behind You

By | Oct.02.13 | 1 Comment

A law firm’s document management system (DMS) is fundamental. It keeps things working and should make life better. Is yours doing that? Many law firms are using “legacy” systems and don’t realize just how far behind their …Continue reading »


Fee Tale: This Is Not Your Father’s Engagement Agreement

By | Aug.28.13 | 5 Comments

Lawyers are uniquely situated to craft the parameters of the client-business relationship, though many forgo the opportunity — or, at least, leave much to interpretation and chance. Perhaps it’s just my perspective. In Massachusetts, the rules …Continue reading »

Practice Management

Pickin’ Up What You’re Puttin’ Down: Locating Your Files

By | Jan.07.13 | 5 Comments

In many ways, being a lawyer is still about pushing paper, even if much of that “paper” is now kept electronically, with redwelds and staples going the way of the triceratops and woolly mammoth, respectively. …Continue reading »


Send Document, Get Breached? Tightening Security in Document Exchanges

By | Sep.18.12 | 3 Comments

Exchanging documents with clients and outside counsel used to be a fairly mundane, straightforward endeavor. Attach the document to an email and send it off. Or, to deliver a large volume of documents or documents …Continue reading »