Document Management

Document Management

Upgrading Your Law Firm DMS? Pitfalls to Avoid

By | Oct.28.13 | No Comments

In "Your Law Firm's DMS: Put the Past Behind You," Brian Ruthruff and Dodie Edelstein identified new features lawyers can expect in a document management system (DMS) today. In t[...]

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Ways Your Firm Can Create Motions More Efficiently

By | Oct.21.13 | No Comments

Meeting tight deadlines for filing motions is stressful by itself. But it's even more nerve-rattling when legal research, drafts and comments are scattered all over the place and [...]

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Document Management

Your Law Firm’s DMS: Put the Past Behind You

By | Oct.02.13 | 1 Comment

A law firm's document management system (DMS) is fundamental. It keeps things working and should make life better. Is yours doing that? Many law firms are using "legacy" systems [...]

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Fee Tale: This Is Not Your Father’s Engagement Agreement

By | Aug.28.13 | 3 Comments

Lawyers are uniquely situated to craft the parameters of the client-business relationship, though many forgo the opportunity — or, at least, leave much to interpretation and chan[...]

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Practice Management

Pickin’ Up What You’re Puttin’ Down: Locating Your Files

By | Jan.07.13 | 4 Comments

In many ways, being a lawyer is still about pushing paper, even if much of that "paper" is now kept electronically, with redwelds and staples going the way of the triceratops and w[...]

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Send Document, Get Breached? Tightening Security in Document Exchanges

By | Sep.18.12 | 3 Comments

Exchanging documents with clients and outside counsel used to be a fairly mundane, straightforward endeavor. Attach the document to an email and send it off. Or, to deliver a large[...]

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