Five Questions About Fixed Fees You’re Afraid to Ask

By | Mar.21.14 | 3 Comments

All it takes is a quick eye-popping view of Riverview Law’s television campaign to understand the disruptive force of this InnovAction Award-winning U.K. firm. For law firms stu[...]

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Merry & bright marketing ideas

Why Billing Is Marketing

By | Dec.30.13 | 3 Comments

In past "Play to Win" columns, I've talked about the importance of communicating with clients about money ("Good Lawyers Talk Money with Their Clients"). Once you have the engageme[...]

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Make What You’re Worth: Utility of the Fee Schedule

By | Dec.17.13 | No Comments

Lawyers are very secretive about their fees because, you know ... the NSA. Lawyers don’t post their fee structures on their websites, either, because, well, why would clients w[...]

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The Friday Five

What I Learned at the First P3 Conference

By | Oct.18.13 | 1 Comment

If you like this sort of thing (and I really do), the P3 Conference was an energizing, cutting-edge event that, for the first time, brought together three traditionally discret[...]

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Ask the Experts

When Potential Clients Ask About Your Fees

By | Sep.12.13 | 3 Comments

Question: I always have a hard time talking about my fees with potential clients. Do you have any tips? Paul Bonner: You’re not alone. Even the most seasoned lawyers can [...]

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Profitability Lessons

Compensation: Something’s Not Right Here

By | Mar.28.13 | 1 Comment

It was a 40-timekeeper firm with four name partners. For years, one senior partner had been giving his top clients massive volume discounts on top of rate discounts, and then staf[...]

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