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MyCase Product Spotlight

Web-Based Client Portals: An Introduction

By | Aug.18.14 | No Comments

In this three-part series, attorney Nicole Black, Director at MyCase, will be discussing online client portals and how they can benefit both lawyers and their clients. First up, a[...]

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MyCase GM Matt Spiegel: What Are You Working On?

By | Mar.28.14 | No Comments

In our Spotlight Q&A, Attorney at Work interviews leaders in the legal technology industry to find out what makes them tick as entrepreneurs and businesspeople — and what the[...]

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Product Spotlight Q&A

NetDocuments’ Bradlee Duncan: Creativity at Work

By | Mar.26.14 | No Comments

In Attorney at Work's Spotlight Q&A, we talk with the people inspiring, driving and creating the next new things in the legal technology industry. During his dozen-plus years w[...]

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Chrometa: Product Spotlight

Capture Smartphone Time Automatically

By | Jan.23.14 | No Comments

According to our research, it's likely that you lose track of a significant portion of billable time that you spend on your smartphone. In a billable hour world, every lost second [...]

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Chrometa: Product Spotlight

Time-Tracking Software That’s Automatic

By | Aug.09.13 | No Comments

Track Your Time – Without Notes or Timers Webcast: How to Easily Bill Every Billable Second, Minute and Hour It’s nearly impossible to accurately track your billable time[...]

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How to Automatically Capture All Your Email and Mobile Phone Time

By | Apr.22.13 | No Comments

As you know, it's nearly impossible to accurately track your email time with merely a start/stop timer. You're probably bouncing from email to email in rapid fire mode. The last th[...]

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