Using Social Media to Find Better Job Candidates

By | Sep.15.14 | 1 Comment

Whether you consider yourself "social media-savvy" or not, your prospective employees likely are. The days of placing want ads in the local paper are long gone. Certainly, you can [...]

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A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Tomatoes, Squash, Associates and Weeds

By | Sep.24.13 | 1 Comment

Each spring when I plant my garden, I have great expectations for all the vegetables I’ll be harvesting. By June, the new plants start to look a little like the pictures in the [...]

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Client-Driven Recruitment

By | Nov.16.11 | 1 Comment

Lawyers are good at many things, most of them associated with legal knowledge and analysis. We’re less good at many other things, most of them having to do with business and mana[...]

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People Management

LinkedIn Jobs: If You Post It, They Will Come

By | Aug.29.11 | No Comments

I just hired a great new employee using LinkedIn Jobs. It turned out to be an incredibly easy and effective way to identify good candidates and fill the position with a minimum of[...]

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Five Reasons to Consider a Virtual Assistant

By | Jul.07.11 | No Comments

Most law offices are set up quite traditionally. Plenty of lawyers still use fax machines and many law offices still contain that ancient beast known as a stenograph. So it's [...]

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Why It Pays to Treat Job Candidates Well

By | Jun.15.11 | No Comments

The stories are legion. Lawyers apply for posted positions, sweating every detail of their resume and cover letter, and never hear back from the firm. Even worse, candidates make i[...]

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