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The Local Search Game

By | Apr.23.14 | No Comments

Let's say you're an average Joe who needs to find a local lawyer. Finding the right one can certainly be a difficult quest. Where do you start? Many might think a person's automati[...]

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Daliah Saper: Creating a Strong Lawyer Brand

By | Mar.13.14 | 1 Comment

What does it take to land television interviews and features in media outlets like Fox, The New York Times and CNBC? "How to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Network" is Daliah Saper[...]

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Is Super Bowl Advertising Worth It for a Law Firm?

By | Mar.05.14 | 1 Comment

Question: We saw the TV ad the Georgia lawyer created for the Super Bowl and also heard that a national law firm spent a ton of money on Super Bowl advertising a few years ago. Was[...]

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The Welcome Mat

Law Firm Telephone Etiquette

By | Feb.25.14 | 1 Comment

Once someone contacts your law firm, everything — from the receptionist’s demeanor to the conference room decor — can affect whether that person will sign on as a client. So[...]

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Law Firm SEO Like It’s 1985

By | Feb.18.14 | 4 Comments

The best law firm SEO results come from doing really good authentic marketing. While most people scour the web for the latest magic trick to drive more search traffic to their site[...]

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The Friday Five

Five Ways Infographics Can Market Your Law Practice

By | Dec.06.13 | 2 Comments

Courtroom or boardroom, most lawyers know that when confronted with a wall of words an audience is more likely to nod off than to receive and retain information. Online, it's no di[...]

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