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Need a Headshot? Ditch the Selfie, Spring for the Pro

By | Jun.24.14 | 2 Comments

Here’s the reality of the digital age: You are your brand. Not just your work, not just your reputation, not just your resume. What you look like and how you present yourself onl[...]

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From One of Many to One of a Kind

By | Jun.23.14 | 1 Comment

There is no single path to a successful law practice. Over time, paths become blocked and new ones emerge. What worked 10 years ago may not work today. What works for some will not[...]

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Get to the Point

Lawyers: Why Tweet?

By | Jun.19.14 | 2 Comments

Previous Attorney at Work posts have discussed how to use Twitter for maximum effect while assuming you have an interest in it as a marketing tool. But some lawyers say they do not[...]

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Do I Need a Print Brochure for My Law Practice?

By | May.22.14 | No Comments

Question: Must we really spend money on a slick print brochure for our law firm when nearly everyone gets their information via the Internet? How can we use printed pieces most eff[...]

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Online Marketing

The Local Search Game

By | Apr.23.14 | No Comments

Let's say you're an average Joe who needs to find a local lawyer. Finding the right one can certainly be a difficult quest. Where do you start? Many might think a person's automati[...]

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Daliah Saper: Creating a Strong Lawyer Brand

By | Mar.13.14 | 1 Comment

What does it take to land television interviews and features in media outlets like Fox, The New York Times and CNBC? "How to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Network" is Daliah Saper[...]

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