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Managing Product Review

A TechHit One-Two Punch: SimplyFile and MessageSave

By | Aug.26.15 | No Comments

One does not simply file messages in email … oh, wait. One does? Does one? The actual name of the application is SimplyFile? Alrighty, then. How TechHit Advances Your Outlook TechHit is a San Francisco company that builds applications …Continue reading »

Legal Technology

Take-Aways from LegalTech New York

By | Feb.12.15 | 2 Comments

Last week, we asked a handful of legal technologists to be our reporters at LegalTech New York. The scoop? Cybersecurity topped the hot topics list (made hotter still with news that another big health-care company had been breached). But …Continue reading »


MyCase GM Matt Spiegel: What Are You Working On?

By | Mar.28.14 | No Comments

In our Spotlight Q&A, Attorney at Work interviews leaders in the legal technology industry to find out what makes them tick as entrepreneurs and businesspeople — and what they’re planning next. MyCase’s Matt Spiegel was …Continue reading »

Technology Survey

The Techie Holiday Wish List

By | Dec.09.13 | 1 Comment

Still on the hunt for a gift that will dazzle the techie in your life? We wondered what those in the know — our technology-loving friends and Attorney at Work contributors — have on their …Continue reading »

Apps for Android

Note-Taking Apps for Android Lawyers: The 2.0 Update

By | Dec.06.12 | 2 Comments

The first thing to know about note-taking on any mobile device is that it’s not perfect. Another thing to know: If, like me, you’re accustomed to writing in microscopic chicken scratch for post-session translation, you …Continue reading »

Weekend Product Beat

New Products Tackle Common Pains

By | Nov.17.12 | No Comments

This week we were invited to demo two new products aimed at alleviating some of the pain involved in two key areas of law practice: legal research and landing new clients. PacerPRO is a new online research …Continue reading »


Tech Product News, Summer Edition

By | Aug.03.12 | No Comments

There’s a lot going on in Chicago this weekend, from Lollapalooza to the ABA Annual Meeting and the accompanying ABA Expo. In town and want a peek at the exhibitors‘ new offerings for lawyers? Friday’s expo hours are 10 a.m. to 4 …Continue reading »

Product Beat

Quick Look: New Fastcase Android App

By | Jun.05.12 | 3 Comments

In news for Android-using lawyers, the much anticipated Fastcase app for Android is now available. For lawyers who do not have a Fastcase account at all, this app—like the Fastcase iPhone app—allows you to search, …Continue reading »

Ebriefs on Your iPad

By | Mar.15.12 | No Comments

Electronic briefs are certainly not a new development in the legal field. I remember receiving many electronically constructed briefs on CD when I was practicing. The ebrief is an incredibly convenient format for navigating through …Continue reading »

Software Review

Improving Jury Selection with Jury Box Software

By | Feb.22.12 | No Comments

“Siri, which juror should I strike?” As nice as the fantasy is, a machine will never be able to pick a jury—no, not even the iPhone’s personal assistant can apply the critical ingredient of human judgment …Continue reading »