People Management


Sponsors Are the New Mentors, Especially for Women

By | Jan.15.14 | 1 Comment

Ida Abbott's provocative new book gives men everything they need to sponsor — not merely mentor — professional women for leadership roles. Sponsoring Women: What Men Need to Kn[...]

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A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Tomatoes, Squash, Associates and Weeds

By | Sep.24.13 | 1 Comment

Each spring when I plant my garden, I have great expectations for all the vegetables I’ll be harvesting. By June, the new plants start to look a little like the pictures in the [...]

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Ask the Experts

How to Get Ready for the Affordable Care Act? A Checklist for Law Firms

By | Sep.19.13 | 2 Comments

Question: There has been so much talk about the Affordable Care Act. We realize there may be a few things we've missed regarding coverage of our staff. Help! Jude A. Dainton: I[...]

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The Friday Five

At a Loss for Words? Conversation Starters

By | Aug.09.13 | No Comments

Some people always know exactly what to say. When words fail the rest of us, these people deliver the smooth segue, the clever comeback, the perfect parting shot. How do they d[...]

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Ask the Experts

What Good Are Law Firm Performance Reviews?

By | Apr.30.13 | No Comments

Question: Our law firm has tried many different formats for performance reviews, but often we find we are doing reviews just to do reviews. In most cases, it's merely a repeat of t[...]

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Nothing But the Ruth!

Is This a Kindergarten or a University?

By | Apr.10.13 | 1 Comment

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the South by Southwest Interactive Track in Austin, Texas. This conference focuses on business and social media. I came away from the we[...]

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