Project Management

A Curmudgeon's Perspective

Project Management Basics: A Refresher for Lawyers

By | Jan.22.14 | 2 Comments

The recent Attorney at Work compilation about time management and productivity ("A Matter of Time: Time Management and Productivity Tips for Lawyers") got me thinking about how law[...]

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Productivity Tips for Lawyers

Control Your Technology, Control Your Time

By | Jul.30.13 | No Comments

I often rationalize new gadget purchases by telling myself, "This will make my life so much better." That, in essence, has been the promise of most technology tools. They expand ou[...]

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Time Management and Productivity Tips for Lawyers

By | Jul.02.13 | 4 Comments

Time Management. Ha! As if it's really possible to wrestle those slippery hours, minutes and days into any semblance of order, or exercise any control. Most days just whiz by, le[...]

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Project Management Apps: A Fresh Look

By | May.28.13 | 2 Comments

Last summer we began our journey toward an automated, money-printing practice when we discussed how to use project management apps to manage your practice and your people. Pardon[...]

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Get It Done!

Boost Your Productivity: The Five Phases of GTD

By | Nov.05.12 | 7 Comments

Daniel Gold, our "Get It Done" columnist, writes about great ways to amp up your daily productivity—in a big way! Last time he overviewed a time management system that has ta[...]

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Project Management

Asana vs. Trello: Checklist Collaboration Tools Compared

By | Oct.08.12 | 6 Comments

In his book The Checklist Manifesto, surgeon Atul Gawande asserts that checklists are a “cognitive net,” a mechanism that can help prevent experienced people from making err[...]

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