Writing Tips from Gary Kinder

Words Matter: Ways to Unmuddle Your Prose

By | Jul.17.14 | 6 Comments

In their written communications, lawyers need to use the right words and the right number of words in the right way. If you circumvent your content, malign your meaning, dangle you[...]

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Best Way to Handle Staff Performance Problems?

By | Jun.30.14 | No Comments

Question: What’s the best way to deal with staff performance problems? It seems like attempting to work them out during performance evaluation discussions between an assistant an[...]

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Drafting Skills

Legal Editing with Three Simple Questions

By | Jun.26.14 | 1 Comment

Cribbing from commercial forms and recycling language from documents you’ve already created saves a lot of time and aggravation when you’re drafting new documents. No one needs[...]

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Get to the Point

Ditch the Pronoun and Just Call Your Darlin’ “Darlin’”

By | May.21.14 | 2 Comments

In her "Get to the Point" columns, Teddy Snyder has led us all to question our writing and speaking habits (and our hot dog acumen). In particular, "Lawyers' Top Three Grammar Goof[...]

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40 Ways to Make Networking Work

By | May.07.14 | 6 Comments

Every lawyer needs a good network. With fellow lawyers, yes. But you need lots of other people in your network as well. And not just because it's a source of good new business. Sma[...]

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Get To The Point

Cure Bad Speech Habits: “It’s, Like, Y’know, Amazing!”

By | Apr.21.14 | 2 Comments

If I hear an awards show red-carpet doyenne say “Your gown is amazing” one more time, I think I will puke on my tray-table. How about “terrific” or “magnificent” or “[...]

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