Starting the Year Right: Business Development Goals for Every Lawyer

By | Dec.16.13 | 3 Comments

We all begin each new year with good intentions, but you know what they say about the road to hell. As 2014 approaches, most lawyers will have some marketing and business developme[...]

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Three Ways to Start Planning Your Future

Speed Your Law Practice Down the Evolutionary Road

By | Jun.27.13 | No Comments

It feels good to put your law firm's business strategy into action, doesn't it? No more time spent dithering over whether to spend the odd $50 on a banquet ticket. No more games o[...]

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The Dis-Associate

Tagalog v. Tagalong

By | Aug.09.12 | No Comments

"My client only speaks Tagalog, so let me know if you need a translator for the deposition." This is the essence of an email I received two days before the scheduled deposition o[...]

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Working On Your Practice … Or In It?

By | Jul.23.12 | 6 Comments

The Allied Command in World War II spent more than two years preparing for D-Day. When asked about the plan—which resulted in the successful Allied invasion of occupied France—[...]

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Marketing Strategy

Are You a Copycat or a Competitor?

By | Apr.11.12 | No Comments

It’s a word that trips off the tongue without stopping to visit the brain on the way out. We use it all the time—and then ignore it as we go about the business of marketing ou[...]

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Online Marketing Strategies for Small Budgets

By | Mar.06.12 | 2 Comments

There's no reason a smaller firm's online marketing program can't be just as successful as a megafirm's—even with a much smaller budget. But it does require focus. No more knee-j[...]

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