BYOD: What’s Your Policy?

By | Mar.27.13 | 2 Comments

By now most everyone is familiar with the "Bring Your Own Device," or BYOD, trend—meaning the proliferation of lawyer- and staff-owned personal mobile devices used for firm busin[...]

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Litigating With Your iPad … on a Desert Island

By | Mar.12.13 | 1 Comment

At a recent seminar on using the iPad in law practice, I was asked: “If you were trying a lawsuit on a desert island and could only take three apps with you, what apps would you [...]

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The Best of Attorney at Work

Revisiting the iPad Keyboard Problem

By | Jan.03.13 | 3 Comments

As the holiday season draws to a close, we’re celebrating Attorney at Work’s second year of delivering “one really good idea every day”—every working day, that is. During[...]

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The Friday Five

Fundamental iPad Tips for Lawyers

By | Dec.07.12 | 1 Comment

Once you unwrap your new iPad, master the most critical tap-and-swipe moves, and buy a few apps and iBooks, you're pretty much set. It really is that easy. So easy that you may fin[...]

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Happy Halloween

No Trick! Take a Treat for Your Tablet

By | Oct.31.12 | No Comments

Beyond standard-issue snap covers, there are some pretty sleek, practical and just plain fun ways to accessorize an iPad (or whatever king-sized or fun-sized tablet is your pleasur[...]

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“Reasonable Care” in the Cloud: Decision-Making Pointers

By | Oct.18.12 | 6 Comments

Many firms use cloud computing services for remote access to data, email filtering, contacts and calendars, system backups and other hosted IT functions. In particular, lawyers are[...]

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