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The dis-associate

Tips for the Young Traveling Lawyer

By | Mar.11.13 | 1 Comment

Initially, it was just awkward. This stranger’s butt was inches from my face. Undulating. Back and forth. I could hear the loose change in his front pocket clanking against itself. He was a large man, …Continue reading »

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Put Down the Phone and Back Away Slowly

By | Jan.08.13 | 3 Comments

The National Technology and Data Association (NTDA), a Virginia-based nonprofit focused on technology-related economics, combined with support from the Data Transfer Registrar (DTR), a governmental database logging national data transfer rates and formed via grants …Continue reading »

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The Hand Is Mightier Than the Sword

By | Oct.09.12 | No Comments

Law school provides aspiring lawyers with a ton of information. For example, I learned about the Constitution and I learned how to panic. While studying for the bar, I learned about commercial paper and I …Continue reading »

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But Your Mother Said You Were a Lawyer …

By | Sep.10.12 | 7 Comments

No one takes their baby to a gynecologist for a routine checkup. No one goes to a cardiologist for an ankle sprain, or to a dentist when they have chest pains. So why, I ask, do distant …Continue reading »

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Tagalog v. Tagalong

By | Aug.09.12 | No Comments

“My client only speaks Tagalog, so let me know if you need a translator for the deposition.” This is the essence of an email I received two days before the scheduled deposition of the plaintiff. Unfortunately, my …Continue reading »

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Darwin and the Dictaphone

By | Jul.12.12 | 7 Comments

I felt like Indiana Jones. Instead of snakes, there were power cords slinking around my feet. Instead of a whip, I held a ballpoint pen. Instead of a hat, I wore, well, my hair was perfect. I …Continue reading »