The Friday Five

Trending: What Doth the Future Hold?

By | May.30.14 | No Comments

Once a month, we dedicate the Friday Five to what’s buzzing in the business of practicing law. This month, it’s all about what the future may hold — from new privacy concern[...]

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The Friday Five x2

The Five Clients You Meet In Hell

By | May.23.14 | 1 Comment

Mitch Albom, who has been regularly employed as a sportswriter for the Detroit Free Press, has written songs for Warren Zevon and penned a few books, one of which is "The Five Peo[...]

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Five Reasons You Should Care About “NewLaw”

By | May.16.14 | 3 Comments

You've heard the buzzword. You've seen the hashtag. And perhaps you've found yourself asking, at some point, "Just what is 'NewLaw'? More importantly, why should I be remotely [...]

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The Friday FIve

Five Must-Know Password Protection Tips

By | May.09.14 | No Comments

No doubt, at this moment, armies of hackers are dreaming up diabolical new ways to cash in on our identities, crash our sites and disrupt our favorite pastimes. ("Smishing!") But r[...]

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The Friday Five

You and Your Content

By | May.02.14 | 1 Comment

I've got good news and ... er, weird news. First the weird: Whether you like it or not, you have become a media outlet. If you don't believe me, think for a minute about all the st[...]

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Trending: Fresh Takes on Legal Marketing

By | Apr.25.14 | No Comments

Legal marketing dominated April's trending topics. From e-newsletters to social media to thank-you notes and beyond, the blawgosphere was alive with ideas and inspiration for anyon[...]

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