Virtual Practice


New Math, New Money: New Download!

By | Feb.03.14 | 1 Comment

Yes, it seems we’ve been talking about the big changes coming to the legal profession for a very long time. But when the shift starts making headlines in the general media, it [...]

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What Do You Mean by “Virtual Law Firm”?

By | Oct.10.13 | 6 Comments

Virtual Law Practice. The legal industry has not experienced such a trendy concept since "per stirpes" hit the scene back in the day. The virtual concept must be doing something ri[...]

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Stephanie Kimbro: The Next Lawyering Frontier

By | Feb.20.13 | 4 Comments

Stephanie Kimbro will speak on "The Consumer Law Revolution: Lawyer Collaboration with Branded Networks" at the Lawyernomics 2013 conference in Las Vegas on April 27. Her topic is [...]

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Can an Online Lawyer Network Bring You Business?

By | Dec.17.12 | 8 Comments

To some lawyers, the phrase “legal services industry” is a series of bad words. Out with the collegial profession, in with commoditizing legal “products.” But that's a very[...]

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The Friday Five

Ring Around the Future!

By | Oct.05.12 | 1 Comment

Okay, we know the business of practicing law is in transition. (Some say "crisis"). It is evolving into ... something. But what? That's the question the College of Law Practice Man[...]

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The Friday Five: Practice Tools

Why Skype? Get Google Hangouts

By | Jul.20.12 | 5 Comments

Beginning today, Attorney at Work is introducing a monthly "practice tools" edition of our regular Friday Five—five great ways to use a new product (or five reasons you should or[...]

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