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staffing your law firm trade show booth
Checklist for Staffing Your Law Firm’s Trade Show Booth

Many lawyers are uncomfortable working in their firm's trade show booth. Make your time on the expo floor less stressful with this checklist.

Sally J. Schmidt - October 25, 2017
Keep Your Law Practice Ahead of the Curve

While you may not be able to control the economy, the legislature, regulations or trends, you may be able to stay one step ahead of them. That’s where the product life cycle comes in. If you understand the product life cycle, you may be able to ...

Sally J. Schmidt - August 30, 2017
Understanding the Client’s Decision

I’ve always liked the saying “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” I think lawyers often make this mistake when approaching business development opportunities. Facing with pitches or presentations to ...

Sally J. Schmidt - July 19, 2017
Writing Your Way to New Business

There was a time not that long ago when I counseled lawyers not to spend too much time writing and publishing articles. Back then, they were largely passive, short-lived marketing efforts. Today, however, as clients conduct their own internet ...

Sally J. Schmidt - April 27, 2017
Marketing with a Purpose: Set Objectives

I recall a lawyer friend of mine telling me with excitement that he had been successful in setting up lunch with an assistant general counsel of a target company. Afterward, when I asked what he had accomplished, he said, “We had lunch.” My next ...

Sally J. Schmidt - March 27, 2017
The Client Relationship Meeting

Lawyers have a lot of communication with their clients. But the vast majority of interaction tends to be related to specific matters — requesting some information, reporting on the status of a file, scheduling something, checking on a payment. ...

Sally J. Schmidt - February 23, 2017
What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

I’m often reminded of a situation that happened several years ago. I was sitting in a building lobby killing time before an appointment. In the lobby was a small coffee shop. The line was long — out the door. The dutiful employee was making ...

Sally J. Schmidt - January 19, 2017
Making Clients’ Lives Easier

Lawyers have a lot of questions about how to develop new business. Once they start working with a client, however, the question often becomes, “How can I expand the business?” The simple fact is that clients want to work with lawyers ...

Sally J. Schmidt - November 29, 2016
Your Secret Marketing Weapon

I’ve noticed that the best rainmakers usually have really good legal administrative assistants (LAAs), and these lawyers are generally very good at engaging their LAAs in activities to nurture existing client relationships and even develop new ones.

Sally J. Schmidt - October 26, 2016
How Effective Communicators Help Clients Understand

I read an article recently called “Marketing Yourself as an Expert: What Clients Look For.” According to the research presented, there are five key factors that clients associate with “visible experts”:


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