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Legal Marketing Play to Win

Leap Your Business Development Hurdles

In my experience, most lawyers who don’t have a book of business would like to have one. And, if they don’t know how to build it, they’d like to learn how. Unfortunately, there are very real obstacles to business development success. The ...

Sally J. Schmidt - June 2, 2016
The Power of Facts in Marketing

Let’s say you just found out you have a rare illness. Suddenly, you are in the market for a specialty physician. You do some research, get some names and make an appointment with one or two doctors. What kind of conversation would you have? My ...

Sally J. Schmidt - April 25, 2016
Teaming Up for a Prospect Pitch Meeting

In a feedback interview, a client told a story to explain why a particular law firm did not get the work after meeting with him. He said the firm brought a team of lawyers to the meeting and the partners were doing a good job of asking questions ...

Sally J. Schmidt - March 23, 2016
Cross-Selling Made Simple

Recently I was contacted by someone looking for good articles on cross-selling. I noticed that a lot of material discussed the obstacles — compensation systems, internal competition, lack of confidence in colleagues, lack of knowledge about firm ...

Sally J. Schmidt - February 24, 2016
Increasing Contact With Clients

The more I conduct client feedback interviews, the more I realize how few quality contacts lawyers make with their clients outside the substantive legal work being done. The number of times clients fumble for the name of a lawyer who is actively ...

Sally J. Schmidt - January 21, 2016
Upping Your Marketing Game

As the new year approaches, a lot of firms ask their lawyers to prepare annual business or marketing plans. Even without that structure, it makes sense to take a step back to reflect and assess what has worked, what hasn’t and what should be ...

Sally J. Schmidt - December 7, 2015
Running a Client Team

Much has been written and said about the value of forming client teams, but a recent conversation made me realize not all lawyers understand what that actually means.

Sally J. Schmidt - October 26, 2015
Control Your Own Destiny through Business Development

In a coaching meeting, a young partner was unenthusiastic as we discussed potential marketing and business development activities. It was clear he was troubled, so I asked what he was thinking. His response: “Am I better off being a really good ...

Sally J. Schmidt - August 24, 2015
Marketing: Capitalizing on New Developments

After each recent Supreme Court ruling, I noticed a common pattern. Certain law firms would send an alert within hours, advising readers of the decision. Over the days that followed, other firms’ advisories would trickle in to my inbox or ...

Sally J. Schmidt - July 16, 2015
Marketing: The Basics of Researching Your Target

The marketing director of a New York law firm told me about a meeting with the general counsel of a Fortune 50 company. His department had produced an advance briefing document for the lawyers, with details about the company and the people who ...

Sally J. Schmidt - June 23, 2015

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